We are located in Metsk├╝la village, Leisi parish, North-Saaremaa, which is 35-minutes drive from Kuressaare and 45-minutes drive from Kuivastu port.

Distances from Uustalu Tourism Farm:

  • Kuressaare 40km
  • Kuivastu port 65km
  • Leisi 10km
  • Triigi port (possible to go to Hiiumaa) 13km

The most convenient possibility to get from Kuivastu port to our tourism farm is to use Kuivastu-Kuressaare highway ( 69,3km).
The fastest rout in order to reach us is driving along the northern coast of Saaremaa. Road is completely covered with asphalt (66,4km).
In order to get to Kuressaare, we suggest you to drive through Aste. From the whole road, 8 km is not covered with asphalt, however, the road is easily driveable (41,1 km).

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